A complete Software package to consolidate batch, recipe, weight, temperature and operator interaction from the processing floor while providing intuitive and customized reports necessary to monitor processes on the plant floor from anywhere.

Plant Matrix was developed to answer the need of a real-time inventory tracking software in the meat processing industry. This growingly daunting task, long done manually, has been the source of years of research and development for Powis Corporation. Plant Matrix is the result of this hard work, and was built with the knowledge of over 25 years in the industry and with help from suggestions from our hundreds of customers.

Powis Corporation has done everything possible to create a software system that will integrate all relevant data and present it to Plant Matrix users in a convenient way, which will result in increased productivity and greatly reduce inventory losses.

Product Features

  • Windows 7 \ 10, Windows Server
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Inspection Reports
  • Custom Reports
  • Connectivity for Ovens
  • Chillers\Blast
  • Remote IO and PLC’s
  • Ignition Integration
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