The Powis-5000 Plus is the best way to handle your oven controlling needs in an affordable way. It is equipped with a 10.4 inch Touch screen interface. The Powis 5000 Plus holds up to 40 cook programs, with 15 stages per program. There are three levels of security; Operator, Maintenance, and System Administrator, each level will have a code that will allow access to that user level’s capabilities.

The Optional Oven Net Light 2 software will facilitate the data logging from the Powis-5000 Plus. This software uses Ethernet communications to a server computer. From here you have the ability to create and edit programs as well as print data log sheets. The Powis-5000 Plus Smokehouse Control is able to work with any oven manufacturer.

Product Features

  • 115VAC
  • 10.4 inch touch screen
  • Ethernet
  • Used with OvenNet Lite 2 software
  • Upto 4 RTD Probes
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